Shoes play a very important role in building in our personality. Moreover, when it is about to make selection of shoes, you look for a list of attributes. These features include style, trend, polish, and comfort. When it comes to their protection, Printcosmo facilitates its users. In other words, we provide you with the best shoe boxes to pack them up. These cardboard shoe boxes are extremely important in protecting your expensive shoes that is why we use best quality of manufacturing material in the production of these boxes. As both male and females, extremely need them for the protection of their expensive possessions from dirt and dust. You may not like to wear shoes, destroyed and damage by dirt, which could affect your personality. As it is a famous saying that through shoes people judge your personality. Therefore, people being obsessed with shoes are going to have a treat in the form of these shoe boxes.

Innovative Alternative usage

As per the category of these boxes, shoe boxes are available in extremely beautiful and amazing designs, styles, shapes, and colors. In accordance with their design, our company provides premium quality cardboard Shoe Boxes. Basically, we aim to provide you such boxes, which fulfill your personal and professional requirements. Hence, if you have really got bored of your old boxes then switch to innovative and elegant designs introduced by Printcosmo. You can easily place your shoes and can even display them in your showcase with pride. In addition, you can use these boxes in so many other ways. For example, to place your jewelry and other accessories and make them useful in the end.

Custom shoe boxes

Innovation and design

As per their designs, we ensure creativity and new ideas for our customers, which not only attract them through their beauty but also facilitate them. For this, we have introduced new clear die-cut windows in the manufacturing of these boxes. Because of which you do not have to unstack the shoes. For these die cut designs, we have hired skilled engineers and use best machines. Through these clear windowpanes, you can observe your shoes and can decide that you need them right now or not. This will also save you to put in extra input to find the lost pair when it is highly needed. These boxes are extremely helpful for saving your shoes from dust and other damages. Printcosmo offers variety of color schemes. We have special designs scheme for different category of customers to grab their attention. In this regard, our codified engineers are ever ready to assist you. Most importantly, our cardboard shoe boxes are so much budget-oriented, that you can buy dozens of them at once.

Apparel boxes

It is said that females have craze of shopping and mostly they spend money on their clothing. Their clothes range from normal to expensive than extremely expensive dresses. Do you believe that any plain, unattractive packaging box is a good option? We do not think so. Therefore, to protect these dresses from atmospheric effects and other damages, Printcosmo provides ever-best option in the form of Apparel Packaging Boxes. These boxes help you to preserve your dress with all its shine and elegance for a longer period. You can even pack your ever most memorable wedding dress that will be safeguarded for longer period for further use.

Shoe Boxes

 Diversity in style

These custom packaging boxes are available with the diversity in range, sizes and shape. When it comes to your business promotion, these sizes and shapes together with elegant style are highly important. A standard size of packaging box is not the requirement for different types of apparels. Therefore, for different garment products, you need different size boxes. For example, hats, shirts, ties or other dresses need diverse size boxes. These boxes are highly effective way to promote your brand line, especially when you have clothes related business. To give a unique feeling to your customers, you always have the custom-made apparel Boxes.  You can make your potential customer, permanent by the quality of the product and the effort you do for the packaging. These packaging efforts Together with designing, you can also print important details on these boxes. Therefore, the costumes will remember you in the hour of need. It will become a portable promoting portal.

Perfect lamination

Printcosmo, being a Custom Packaging Boxes company offers best laminations options for its customers. These options include glossy, matte, aqueous, spot UV, matte UV, embossing. Our company also provide gold and silver foiling. All these glazings help in protecting the printed layer including colors and contact details on the boxes. This makes these packaging dust and heat resistant, and eco friendly. These boxes are recyclable.  These laminations are available in both shoe and apparel boxes. Printcosmo facilitates your business and provides multiple packaging boxes options from head to toe.

Cardboard Shoe boxes

Quality Services

We as the manufacturers, use the finest quality material for the production of all these boxes.  As per quality, Printcosmo uses best coating materials on these boxes to enhance its beauty and attractiveness. Along with premium quality, we give many other services to our trustworthy customers. We provide

  • free custom quote,
  • free shipping,
  • free design assistance,
  • no extra charges for die cut and foiling

Moreover, we deliver your consignments in shortest possible time at your doorsteps. As our company is completely budget oriented, we make deals at low minimum price. Our order starts from minimum 100 pieces.


To conclude, our company provides you with best options regarding packaging with diverse styles within your budget, with best turnaround time. We have never lied to our valued customers. Through all this, we develop a dependable relation among our customers. As we highly care for you. Therefore, finding custom packaging with innovative designs is now at your single click. If you have any queries or confusions, you can contact us any time on the given number and on our page.   Our representative is 24/7 available to answer your questions.