Over the period of time, candles have been modified from a utility supply to a decoration piece for every type of occasions, which fills the moments with happiness, delightfulness, and mystique. The presence of these elements makes the moments memorable for quite a long span. It is a symbol of light, illumination, divinity, love, passion, obedience, humility and much more. This is the reason that this product shows significant presence on almost all the events, from religious, like Christmas, Sunday ceremonies or christening of babies to birthdays, weddings and parties. The soft flickering of candle flame creates a very soothing and relaxing effect on the nerves. Moreover, even at funerals, their presence is evident, where you wish illumination for the dead ones in next world. Therefore, to endure the delicacy and beauty of candles, candle boxes are used. Further, these candle boxes Packaging enhances the shelf life of the product package inside them. A huge assortment of candles is available for which various types of candle packaging are present in the market.

Custom Printed Boxes and their Benefits

When you talk about customization, it means to have effective, efficient and faster interaction with the customers. These custom boxes with logo provide you with a number of benefits. Highly concentrated benefit of these boxes is that they become the advertising source for the company. For this, you can print and personalize these candle boxes in various ways. For personalization, you can have printed patterns, stickers, and written messages. Moreover, for logo make selection of color which plays significant role. As in my opinion, choose a lighter tone for the background and dark color or vice versa. Candle packaging boxes have graphics capabilities that support printing options such as lithographic [shortly known as litho], digital and even screen-printing.

In addition to artwork, you can also print noteworthy details of the products and company. The printed details of the company will brought your brand into limelight and candle packaging will become a marketing medium as well, whereas the details will guide the customers about the products. Other than electronic and social media, printing over boxes for candles will benefit you in communicating directly with your customers in easy and affordable way.

Handmade Variety

As already told, candles create a perfect ambiance and mood in all the situations. Further, they are very much suitable to present as gift and to decorate the house for special occasions for celebrations. For various occasions and purposes, different types of candles are available in the market. For instance, flameless candles, tea light, votive, taper and pillar candles and so on. For all such array, Custom Handmade Boxes mesmerize you with their eye-catching designs. Maybe your customer prefers to buy candleholder even for them candle packaging boxes are preferable. They enhance the value of the product through the outer look that plays its efficient part in alluring the potential customers to do purchasing.

Preferable Materials for quality Manufacturing

Every product has the ability to interact with the customers. There are several ways to do this but during the shelf lifespan, this is done through the outer appearance. In other words, the custom packaging. Therefore, boxes for candles are tremendously essential. Thus, several types of materials are used for the manufacturing of the candle packaging boxes such as.

Cardboard Material

Cardboard is the most preferable manufacturing substantial for wholesale candle boxes. For this, premium quality cardboard sheets are compressed together at high pressure, which provides a strong material. This compressed material provides strength to the candle boxes to protect the exquisite crystal glass containing candle wax from outer damages. Cardboard is best to opt for rigid type of boxes for candle. In addition, the outer layer of cardboard sheet is conveniently set with appropriate and smooth surface.

Kraft paper Boxes

The other material, which is suitable for candle packaging, is kraft paper material. The considerable specifications of this boxes reveal that it is both flexible and sturdy at the same time that makes it suitable for delicate and at the same time heavy product like wine bottles. Moreover, both kraft and cardboard have the ability to be molded and folded into any size and shape. Further, induction of windows is easily possible in both of the materials.

Corrugated Boxes

Another type is corrugated boxes. This type of production material is used for Candle Packaging Boxes. It is the toughest material, which proves sufficient for shipping purposes around the world. The use of this specific material is an unspeakable assurance that the consignment of sensitive variety of candles will safely be delivered to the customers. Its layers protect the delicate products like candles from jerks, unusual bumps, and other physical damages.

Sub-division of Boxes

The above-mentioned resources can easily molded from shapes to sizes. All the types of wholesale candle boxes are sub-divided into two sub-divisions folding and rigid boxes. Both of them are widely preferred for candle packaging. The major difference in folding cartons and rigid boxes is that the former is flexible enough to be bend and assembled whereas later type retains the form in which they are manufactured. Both have their own benefits. For instance, if you buy folding cartons in bulks they are easily shipped flat at low shipping cost, less expensive to produce and their production rate is faster than rigid type. Whereas like, folding type, rigid candle packaging boxes do not require expensive dies. They create strong impression of the product on the customers, are stronger and does not require setup for product fulfillment. Moreover, this type is also referred to as luxury boxes that fulfill the purpose of gift packaging boxes.

Profitable Characteristics

There are several advantageous features of using cardboard, kraft and corrugated for the production of candle packaging boxes. For instance:

  • These materials are easily molded into various shapes and sizes.
  • They are friendly for all type of printing such as graphic and laser printing.
  • All of them are eco-friendly as there is no harm to the environment.
  • They are completely recyclable for so many secondary usages.
  • The candle boxes made by them really enhance the perception of the end user.

For Fine Appearance

There is a thin layer applied to these candle boxes to create a smooth and soft appearance. This thin layer is known as lamination.  It is a process in which thin clear silk layer is coated on the candle packaging. This layer protects the candle packaging boxes from various physical and atmospheric effects. For instance, heat that is harmful to wax made products and further from moisture, dust, dirt, inside and outside bacteria etc. It also helps in protecting the products package inside them. The options, which you can prefer for laminations are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. This glazing gives a silky and polished effect that enhance the beauty and shelf life of the boxes.

Strengthen the Boxes with Windows

Another addition with which you can further polish the outer appearance of the candle packaging is the induction of the windowpanes. This addition will strengthen attention-seeking factors of the candle packaging boxes. I will recommend you to do this addition as it helps you inconvenient display of the product because of which customer will easily get the idea of the product. For the induction of the die cut windows, you can choose top or front of the boxes. This made candle boxes desirable option for gift packaging.

For your Packaging Support

For your candle packaging support, I would like to introduce the company that is my supporters and can provide their services to you for wholesale candle boxes. As per market’s view, there are many companies and franchises advertising for Custom Boxes with Logo but Printcosmo is renowned printing and packaging company. This company really provides reliefs by maintaining quality of the candle packaging boxes. This is my assurance that the packaging they provide, no one have such quality. My opinion is built after having the best experience. To tell you the truth that the quality is their real asset. If you do not believe, then make the comparison yourself and take your decision. In addition to this, there is list of significant features, which increases the professional review of the company. These features are:

Free Quote

To be benefited by the company just order one custom quote and you will be able to feel the difference. With this, the sales representatives will provide you with all the relative details about the orders like candle packaging boxes. This facility of custom quote is completely free for their valuable customers.

Design Assistance and Sampling

Printcosmo provides free design assistance and sampling, which is like a treat for the customers. With these facilities, you can easily contact them for their assistance for the designing process over custom handmade boxes. They welcome your ideas, tells you about the possibilities, range, and categories of printing with the applied cost. With the help of the company’s skilled graphics engineers, you will definitely get polished work. Moreover, the sampling options become beneficial as it gives you a proper view of the style and design before you order the consignment. Like quotes, these facilities are also free for their customers.


Add-ons are other free feature offered by the company, which includes die cut, clear windowpanes, gold and silver foiling for candle packaging boxes. Furthermore, there are no set-up and plate charges. These minute things are significant in creating a strong impression of the boxes for candles. All these features are free, which make the boxes affordable otherwise they can increase the cost.

Shipping facility

Another reason for preferring Printcosmo is the shipping facility, which is free throughout the world. Moreover, their delivery timing is praiseworthy. They make deliveries of wholesale candle boxes’ consignment at your doorstep in least possible time. In this fastest turnaround service, they take great care of the delicate shipment, which needs extra care.

That is all about the company. Furthermore, if you like to know more about any of the products, services, and even company together with their updates, you will definitely more than welcome by them. Therefore, you can contact them on their web page or contact them on the given number. Their representatives are 24/7 available to answer your queries.