Hello to all my female readers, today the product I am going to introduce is directly associated with you and indirectly associated with men as well. So to begin everyone is aware that around the world women are wearing an ample variety of jewelry for different reasons. Women are passionate about their jewelries as it is a symbol of their status and femininity. It also has the ability to add to their beauty. There are various variety of precious stones used to make jewelry such as pearls, gold, silver, and other gemstones.  Therefore, for the packaging of such gemstones jewelry boxes are mandatory. For all types of accessories, custom jewelry packaging is dynamically performing their duty of packaging such precious products. Women like me can better understand the priceless value of these cardboard jewelry boxes. They are the perfect way of protecting their precious jewels from a lot of damages.

 Packaging a Way of Interaction

For the men and women who own jewelry business jewelry boxes are the real solution. If you want to make interaction with the customers your product must be presented in such a way, which attract them. For this reasons, there are worthy manufacturers who are doing very much conscious efforts for their valuable customers. Therefore, they have introduced custom jewelry packaging with various styles, designs, and sizes are available. This solution is tremendously essential for packaging as well as for making your brand famous. To make your brand highlighted there are several ways such as:

Jewelry Boxes

Printing and Advertisement

For cardboard jewelry boxes are print friendly and customizable. Therefore, you can customize them in various ways. For this, bring your ideas and imagination as what type of design or patterns are required. Moreover, you can also avail design assistance from the printing and graphics experts. Mostly the collaboration of ideas and skills of both the parties bring the real charm in the Custom Jewelry Packaging. Further for printing customization, there are CMYK and PMS pallets are the best choices to make. That is my little knowledge about printing, which will be definitely helpful for you. However, for this, you should consult a company, which will further provide guidance for such purposes. In addition to this, printing is done in such a way, which makes these custom box printing a marketing tool for these packaging.  In the list printing, the logo of your company, with some other comprehensive details will be beneficial. To cut short, this type of personalization helps you stand apart from others.

Sufficient Materials for Built-up

For proficient designing and printing, premium quality material is required to manufacture jewelry and cosmetic packaging boxes. Thus, several types of materials are used for the manufacturing of these boxes such as cardboard and kraft paper. Cardboard is the most better and considerable manufacturing material for custom jewelry boxes. As for this, first-rate quality cardboard sheets are compressed and flattened together at high pressure, which provides a strength to the assorted shape of these jewelry and cosmetic packaging boxes, which protect the exquisite diamonds, pearls, and other such expensive gems. These boxes are like a protective shield from damages. Cardboard is best to opt for rigid type of cardboard jewelry boxes. In addition, the outer layer of cardboard sheet is conveniently set for appropriate and smooth surface. Kraft paper is another preferred material for manufacturing kraft jewelry boxes. The considerable specifications of this material revealed that it is both flexible and sturdy at the same time, which makes it suitable for delicate and heavy jewelries. Moreover, both kraft and cardboard have the ability to be molded and folded into required size and shape. Further, induce windows that is easily possible in both types of the materials.

Custom Jewelry Packaging

Consideration of Size in Business

We all know very well that there is a huge variety of jewelry assortment, like necklace, bangles, earrings, rings, bracelets, chokers and a lot more. For all this type and more, different sizes of jewelry boxes are required. As on standard size will be an odd choice to pack such beautiful and sparkling gems. Moreover, custom jewelry packaging is available for individual and collection of the jewels and trinkets. Therefore, the list of sizes includes 3 1/16×2 1/8 ×1 inches, 7×5×1 ¼ inches box with top lids, 5. 25×3.75 ×1 inches etc. further; there is a variety of large jewelry box ring organizers. Moreover, handmade jewelry boxes are also charming the customers with assorted sizes and shapes that have even boosted the alluring features of the packaging.

Variety for Gift packaging

Accessories like jewelries are like cherry on the topping for women. It really enhances their beauty. Women wearing with jewels and gems on special occasion even increase their status in the eyes of the others. Further, it is the best thing for a woman to gift. Jewelries are often a way to create a relationship between males and females, such as husband, wife; among siblings and so on. But have you ever think that how much it would be odd when such precious gems are being presented in old-fashioned and weird packaging. The packaging is also representing your feelings; that’s why in many cultures packaging is much more concentrated than the gift. Therefore, to provide you with the solution to this problem custom jewelry packaging are specially designed for gift packaging. Moreover, handmade jewelry boxes are also available. They can also customize as per the events like weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, various festivals and so on.

Addition of Windows

Another addition, which will enhance the outer look of the custom jewelry packaging, is the induction of clear windowpanes. This helps in giving a proper view of the product, which will attract the customers. Moreover, various foam, silk, and other such inserts are also added, which will have made jewelry boxes graceful from inside. Both these factors have proved their importance in the eyes of the customers. In addition, these inserts help in fixing the jewelry items at their places whereas the windows help the retailers in showcasing the designs and assortment for jewelry lovers conveniently.

Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Conclude the Look with Lamination

After doing all such effort with printing, windows, and inserts, to preserve the jewelry and cosmetic packaging boxes for longer time lamination is mandatory. It is a process of applying a layer of plastic, which protects the custom jewelry packaging from various physical and atmospheric changes. For instance, heat, moisture, dust, dirt etc. it also helps in protecting such expensive and delicate products packed inside them. You can opt any option from the list that includes gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ and so on. This glazing gives a silky and polished effect that improves the finishing look of the Custom Box Printing.

My support in Packaging

For your jewelry packaging support, I would like to introduce the company that are my supporters and silent partners. They will also provide their services to you for cardboard jewelry boxes. As per market, there are many companies and franchises advertising for packaging and custom box printing but Printcosmo is a well-known printing and packaging company. This company really provides reliefs to its customers by maintaining a quality of the boxes. This is my assurance to you that the packaging they provide, no one have such quality. My opinion is built after having the best experience with them. Quality is their real asset when it comes to the customer services. If you do not believe, then give them a chance and take your decision. In addition to this, there is list of significant features, which increases the professional review of this company. These features are:

Custom Quote

To get profited by this company just order one custom quote and you will yourself feel the difference. With this, the company will provide you with all the relative details about the stock, its availability, cost and so on. This facility of custom quote is completely free or the valuable customers.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Design Assistance and Sampling

This company provides free design assistance and sampling, which is like a treat for the customers. With this facility, you can easily contact them for their assistance with the designs and patterns over kraft and cardboard jewelry boxes. The graphics representatives will welcome your ideas, tells you about the potentials, range, and categories of printing with the functional cost. With the help of the graphics engineers’ skills, you will definitely get a polished consignment. Moreover, their free sampling will be beneficial in the sense as you will get the required design before you order the consignment.


Add-ons are other free feature offered by Printcosmo, which includes die cut, clear windowpanes, gold and silver foiling for jewelry and Cosmetic Packaging Boxes.   There are no set-up and plate charges as well. All these options are added to the desire of the customers as they are no necessary to be added. These minute things are significant in creating a strong impression of the company.

Handmade Jewelry boxes

Boxes provided with Atmosphere Resistant Quality

The best part of these custom jewelry packaging is their ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the jewels and trinket related products require protection from heat, inside and outside moisture, dust, dirt, and other atmospheric changes. As the jewelries made by metals like gold, silver etc. really need a defense shield for all the above-mentioned factors. Moreover, these cardboard and kraft jewelry boxes are eco-friendly.

Shipping facility

Another reason for which Printcosmo is famous is their shipping facility. It is provided free throughout the world. Moreover, they make deliveries in scheduled timing. For me, this is the most praiseworthy quality they have. They make deliveries of the consignment like cardboard jewelry boxes at your doorstep in the least possible time. With this fastest turnaround service, they take careful steps because of which consignment remain safe from any type of damage.

That is all about the company. Moreover, if you want to know more about any of the related products, their services and about the company together with their updates, you are more than welcome by the company. Contact them on their website or make a call on their number. They are available day and night to provide you with services.