All the time when someone buys the new pair, the factor they are most concerned about is how to keep them safe from dust and dirt. As a matter of fact, people do not like wearing even newer shoes that are no longer the same due to dirt and dust. This thing can be managed by having plain shoe boxes at home and they can be used later for several purposes.

plain shoe boxes


Cardboard Plain Shoe Boxes and their use:

Most of the companies prefer cardboard shoe boxes or plain cardboard shoe boxes as they are considered eco-friendly and have a lot to offer to the customers.

plain shoe boxes


Plain cardboard shoe boxes or white cardboard shoe boxes can be used later for storing things other than shoes. Like people clean the boxes and they use them to place their socks or jewelry in them. 

plain shoe boxes

Many people have the idea in their minds that how they can use their plain shoe boxes in the proper manner to use them in the long run.

Here are the few tips in this regard!

Do not forget to clean the shoes:

If you prefer to store shoes without cleaning them from dirt, dust and other residues on them, you could possibly be playing with the material of the shoe and this could make the material degrade over time.


This will not only affect the material of the shoe, in fact, it will ruin the quality every time you will wear it. We all love shoes made from leather and the drawbacks that come along with them. It is actually tough to keep leather or suede shoes safe.

Do not be lazy when it comes to cleaning your shoes. If you are planning to wear them the next day, do not forget to clean them and store them in the shoe box. Here are the few tips to clean your shoes in the proper manner.

plain shoe boxes

  • Use the non-scratchy and soft brush to clean your shoes from your leather and suede shoes and remove the dirt, dust or another residue from them by gently rubbing the brush over them.
  • You can also use cleaner for cleaning suede shoes.
  • Soapy water can also be used for some materials to remove the stains but it is recommended to keep the process simpler.
  • In a case of crocs and other plastic shoes, you can wash them with water as this will not affect their quality.

Put your shoes in the plain white shoe box:


In case you want to store your shoe for long time period, you must use plain shoe boxes or cardboard shoe boxes in this case.

plain shoe boxes

All you have to do is wrap the shoes in acid-free tissue paper as it will keep the material in the good condition. Do not forget to put silica gel inside.


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