Mom! I need those biscuits, which are in that colorful box.

My dear that is macaron box with macaron not biscuits.

Whatever you call it but I want them, I’m sure I’ m gonna like it.

You see colors always do their magic and charm the people of all ages. In the same way, a simple and ordinary box can be transformed into something special with a little effort. Especially when it comes to the confection business variety, color combinations, assorted shapes, and sizes are mandatory, as there are a variety of products in variety of sizes. One of the most attractive and yummy products of bakery items are macarons. For this yummy and attractive, innovative and attention seeking macaron boxes are available. Always remember that in business love, feelings, attraction is felt visually. Whatever is attractive for eyes that will leave the impression on customer’s mind that’s why custom box packaging plays dynamic role.

Macaron Boxes

 Innovation a source of Attraction

You must be thinking how I am able to tell you. So to tell you truth, I used to work in a confectionary shop for about few years. When I was there I learn all these things.  Innovative designs are the most important that play a forceful part for any of the product. If you are in bakery business, then this is one of your basic need to have a catchy structure and attractive assortment of custom macaron boxes with vibrant colors and prints according to the requirement or as per the event.  If you really have such vast variety of Macaron Packaging Boxes then customer will surely come to you for the other services attached with sweet and delicious macarons, donuts and other delights.

In other words, these macaron boxes are the real business boosters. These boxes help in making a proper portfolio of what you are and what you have to offer to your customers.

Customization and Innovation

Customization or personalization is another important step in the field of custom box packaging. First of all, for this purpose, you need to have a manufacturing material that has the ability to sustain and retain the printed stuff properly. Therefore, if you want to have proper macaron boxes printing use the boxes made from cardboard sheets that are compressed to certain pressure and Kraft paper made boxes. These two types of manufacturing material are extremely eligible for all type of printing, cutting and designing.  However, for customization, there are some important points that need to remember.

  • Color Scheme

Colors are that exceptional part of the customization that completely transforms simple and ordinary looking macaron boxes into something special. Always select the color scheme with great care. Though, it seems easy but only for those who are professional in colors. There are unlimited variety of colors but not every color is for everyone. Some people like vibrant and sharp color whereas some prefer sober, light and dull. Keeping in mind your target audience selects your color scheme.

Custom Macaron Boxes

  • Printing Facilities

For macaron boxes printing, you can have the facility of graphics printing as well as laser printing. Moreover, lithographic printing can also fulfill all of your requirements.  Al such types of printing actually do not harm custom box packaging rather they increase their shelf life. Using these printing facilities wholesale macaron boxes are printed with various types of designs. These designs could be simple patterns or any special type of imprinting to impress your customers and raise the urge to buy your product.

  • Theme Personalization

As per personalization, there is an important factor that should not be forgotten by the patisserie and that is the customization as per the event or you can call it theme customization.  For instance, events like birthdays weddings, bridal and baby showers, Halloweens, Christmas etc. these macaron boxes are designed in different ways. Moreover, these macaron packaging boxes can be personalized with the names of the person in the honor of whom the party has thrown or with the message for your loved ones. Furthermore, these macaron boxes are sufficient for giveaway purposes as well. To give you a few examples of designs and patterns as per the events.

  • Holidays Macaron Boxes Designs

Holidays… A very special and dear time for everyone. People of all the ages have special association with them. Moreover, on these occasions, exchange of gifts and favors is the most demanded thing. For various holiday occasions like Christmas, Easters and so on, bakery delights must be preferred such as colorful macaroons and yummy donuts. Now there is no need to be worry as macaroon and Custom Donut Boxes designed and embellished according to these events can attract the customers to your sweet shop. For events like Halloween parties, special macaroon printing is available that includes the character of witches, pumpkin faces, Dracula and so on. Therefore, in all these decorations these macaroon boxes give a colorful effect to the party and take it to a new level. For this, you can also have these wholesale macaron boxes customized by adding small toys, balloons and some actions figures from famous cartoon series.

Macaron Boxes Printing

  • Several Other Parties and Events

For several events like weddings, bridal showers and anniversaries you give them option to imprint the wholesale macaron boxes with the names of bride and groom, some beautiful quotes to show love or customers’ loved ones on their marriage, birthdays and some messages as best wishes with whom you share the lovely moments. The patisserie where I used to work, where they have started to provide the facility to print them with the names or pictures for birthday celebrations.

In addition to this, for graduation party’s custom macaron boxes in the shape and designs of graduation hats and books are easily available to match with the event, and celebration of the customers.

  • Character Customization

Another type of theme customization for macaron boxes printing is to do it as per the cute little audience and customers.  For cute little kid customers, their favorite characters from cartoons and movies are the best attractions. The characters like snow white, Cinderella, Elsa and Ana from frozen are great source of fascination for cute and adorable girls. On the other hand, for adorable boys print your macaron and custom donut boxes with their famous cartoon characters and action figures like Superman, Batman, Tom, and Jerry, which fascinate them. This is the best way to attract your customers and to boost your sales revenue.  Availability of such assortment will really help in attracting potential customers. Truly, these macron packaging boxes will be dynamic in boosting the business as well giving you the recognition among my cute little adorable customers whom parents can never say no.

Macaron Packaging Boxes

Diversity in Shapes of Boxes

Macaron boxes as already told are mostly seen in the field of bakery where you find the real variety of the confections.  For all such assortment of delights and especially yummy donuts and colorful macaroons. These custom macaron boxes are sufficient for efficient packaging. These donut and macaron packaging boxes are available in diversity of designs. For instance, standard to mini size clear plastic boxes, round and oval shape boxes, famous sleeve style macron boxes, gable style boxes, boxes with lids, flip top boxes with clear plastic lids, wedding favor macaron packaging boxes. The wide opening helps to maintain the frostings and decoration over chocolate donuts and macaron cakes. Including to all of them, there is a branch of wholesale macaron boxes, which is exactly similar to bottle packaging but still, it also has the ability to charm the customers.

Some more Important & Appealing Features

There is another important thing that you must know about the macaron boxes that are induction of Inserts, heavy base that can handle the delights well. Moreover, you can have these Custom Box Packaging with or without window sliders. Further, there is variety in sliders, which is whether you want to have clear sliders or non-clear once. All these variations in shapes will further transform your custom macaroon boxes to another level and they will even more appealing. Additionally, there are round shape macron packaging boxes having a hollow part from the center like a donut. This box holds the macaroons very well. All the mentioned boxes are available in assorted sizes that can preserve different amount of macaroon delight. For instance, two 4,8 to one dozen and two dozen and so on can be easily packed in them.

Wholesale Macaron Boxes

Insertion of and Windows with Lamination

Well, together with above-mentioned features there are some other factors that will further polish the outer appearance of macaron packaging boxes, which is the induction of windows on the top or the front. If you want to enhance the appealing factor of your custom macaron boxes, I would recommend you to induce handles for easy carrying by the customers. This really helps in attracting customers. Moreover, through these window boxes, customers get the idea of the product inside as if the product is fresh or not and especially the elegant icing or the topping of the products will tempt them as well. In addition, die cut divider inserts will also help the customers together with bakers in properly maintain the macaroons and donuts firmly at their place, which will preserve the embellishment. Moreover, addition of gold silver and butter paper foils will represent your hygienic process of packaging of such delights.

Further, over wholesale macaron boxes lamination do the magic by providing smooth and shiny surface. Lamination is a kind of thin silk layer that protects the custom box packaging from various harmful factors. For this purpose, the offered options in the market are gloss, matt, spot UV, aqueous, semi-gloss AQ and so on.