Hey! What’s in your hands?

Oh, these are the booklets of our company’s new launch.

Okay… a lot in number.

Yes, now help in distributing them.

My friend starts inquiring that even in today’s era of technology of mass and social media why my company is still using these booklets. Well, then I tell her that despite all these new and advanced technologies, companies print custom marketing booklets to interact with their customers. In addition, as their name suggests it is the best way to advertise in detail about the new launches and remind about the upgraded versions of previous packages. Moreover, there is a huge variety of sub-divisions is available in this booklet format, according to which companies can have their desired booklets printing services.

Like my friend, if you also want to know more about the marketing booklets then stay tuned with me. I am confident that you will find a lot on this blog. Moreover, you can also find about my company’s printing partner.

Several types of Booklets

Your eyes must have crossed many booklets in your life about different products by different companies. For instance, apparels boutiques, studios, insurance companies, jewelry shops and so on. So, here are the types of booklets serving several purposes at once, most importantly of advertising and promotion.

Custom Marketing Booklets

Newsletter Booklets

This type provides marketing booklets services that keep regular communication by publishing weekly, monthly or quarterly. It keeps the name of the company consistently in front of the customers, which increase the awareness about the company. In addition to this, it helps in generating more clients and generating more revenue from the former clients. It also helps the company in presenting their expertise, which helps the customers in making the decision of remaining in contact or not.

Recipe Booklets

As their name suggests that such types are marketing booklet about recipes and chefs. These booklets are an essential way of promoting chefs, their mastery in cooking with their special ingredients and style. Additionally, they also become the source of introducing cookery items to the targeted audience. Aesthetically customized recipe booklets make the ordinary dish appears to be something special for its audience. Thus, choose attractive tagline, cover page, and see the magic.

Instructional Booklet

Instructional booklets or owner’s manuals are another treat for the customers. As they help them by providing the complete instructions such as

  • How to use the product?
  • What precautionary measures should be taken?
  • How to assemble and dismantle them?
  • If there is an installation process that is needed.
  • Warranties and guarantees are also important.


Portfolios are another important type of booklets. When it comes to their design, multiple photos are added, to impress the customers. As we know that, there is a huge number of people who are not interested in reading the stuff. Therefore, for such audience pictorial representation is the best way to educate. This presentation falls under the category of Custom Photo Booklets.

Marketing Booklets Printing

Children Booklet

Keeping the children occupied with something creative is a 24/7 need of today. Otherwise, these cute little monsters are going to mess up everything around them. For this reasons, companies are taking the assistance from marketing booklets printing to print a children booklet for their cute little customers or they fix a proper section for them in their custom photo booklets. In that particular section, different pictorial stories, articles, and funny riddles are, inducing for them. Always remember that children are a good way of creating long-term relation, you just need to maintain their interest and they will stay connected with you. Therefore, when they are your target audience then add some fun in your marketing booklets.

Group Booklets

They are such types of booklets that are designed for a particular group to assist and to guide them about the rules and regulations of the group. Suh type of marketing booklets helps in understanding the ventures of the company’s particular department, providing them with benefits also making new colleagues and employees. This type of marketing is extremely essential for raising the profile for a specified social group.

The above mentioned are some of the types that play dynamic role for the companies and organization. However, during the fierce competitions, competitors design them by using several marketing booklets printing services offered by several companies.

Binding of the Booklets

As per the types of the custom marketing booklets, there is more than one way to bind them. These variety of binding helps in making them more attractive, increase the level of convenience and also enhance their shelf life.

Square Back Binding

To give a professional look to your marketing booklets square back binding is a sufficient option. With this, you can add a level of sophistication that will polish. This particular binding for marketing booklet service is an economic and affordable solution. Another advantage of opting this binding is its capacity to produce short run quantities.

Marketing Booklets services

Wire-O Binding

Another type is wire-o binding that frees the readers from the irritation of the booklet refusing to lay flat. It also does not let the content interact with the customers. In addition, it makes the marketing booklet look versatile in a way that the pages can easily folded without closing or crinkling the shape of the page. Its 360-degree rotation allows the full bleed printing over the booklets. Additionally, it has a great capacity to coil large number of papers.

Saddle stitched or Coil Binding

Saddle-stitched is the most common type of binding used for custom marketing booklets. It involves the assemblage of sheets by folding them and stapling through the line. Coil or spiral binding is just similar to the saddle stick with a little difference that in this type of binding metal or plastic wire is passed through the holes done in the corner of the pages.

Paper Density of Booklets

Paper density is an important feature of Marketing Booklets Printing. As there are different impacts of printing inks on different types of paper density. This particular feature is also significant as the paper quality is going to present the quality of your product and policies to your customers. In other words, we can say this paper stuff is going to sell your product with its silence. As there are no particular rules to opt for a specific type of paper; however some are still preferable than others. Here are some examples of papers in GSM [Grams per Square Meter].

35-55 GSM: It is typically a type used for newspapers. This paper is thin and effective for lots of pages that are low cost and do not need to last long.

90 GSM: This is basically the type of paper used for inner pages of magazine.

130-170 GSM:  A standard weight for a premium quality poster you would expect to last longer than 35-55 GMS.

170-300 GSM: This type is suitable for most corporate brochure and marketing booklet printing. You might need to compromise GSM slightly if you have a large number of pages to ensure that the booklet or brochure lays flat and does not get bulky.

Marketing Booklets Wholesale

Benefit of Marketing with Booklets

Always utilize the marketing booklet service in your advertising and promotional campaigns. This is the best way to attract the audience. It has several other advantages and that is:

  • A well-designed bulk of marketing booklet wholesale is always appealing for the customers.
  • You can add as many papers are required.
  • If you want to promote more than one product, you can do this by dividing the marketing booklet into several sections.
  • Using marketing booklet printing techniques, you can provide your contact information.
  • They are a complete source of undivided attention of the customers who browse them.
  • The custom marketing booklets are a consistent business-branding source that keeps your products before the audience.

The entire above-mentioned feature and the right placement of these booklets can bring about the real change in the sales revenue of the company.

Essential for Every Business Field

There is not a single field of corporate world that does not make the use of marketing booklets. For instance, jewelry shops, restaurants, bookshops, shopping malls, various boutiques and so on and so forth. Proprietors of all these fields, use Booklets Printing Services to provide all the information of available stock and its various varieties with their rate lists, quality assurances, use of material or fabric in the production and much more to its customers. Moreover, for insurance companies, these custom marketing booklets are a source of sharing every single detail with their terms and condition and several other policies to their customers. Further, in the field of tourism marketing booklets services serves the real essence of tourism to the customers with pictorial representation and also aware them about their services. For this, picture presentation will make your booklet even more attractive. So, carefully choose the photographs to allure your valuable customers.

Marketing Booklets

Finishing Touch

As already told, there are variety of papers. Therefore, the facility of unreflective paper is available and also the other variety with gloss and matte provide finishing as per the demand of the customers. After deciding all such things related to your marketing booklets printing, their paper material and thickness then I would say it is suitable to give them a proper finish. As I told you that, you can ask for coated papers. They are coated with gloss and matte, which is a thin layer of silk. This layer provides a high quality and expensive finishing look to your marketing booklets. It also protects the paper of custom marketing booklet from moisture and smudges. This also helps in securing the printing over booklets for a longer time span that increases its shelf life. For this, you require a competent company like Printcosmo provides you with premium booklets printing services. Both types of paper looks have their own unique qualities that make them appropriate for specific types of tasks; however, choice is completely yours.

For all these marketing booklets wholesale services, you can contact Printcosmo, a well-known printing company working for the convenience of their customers by maintaining the quality of marketing booklets. Just fill one custom quote form and see the difference.