We must have some sort of paper bags for our shop.

You are right they are extremely necessary as we can’t just put the box in the hand of the customers.

Hello, my readers! You must have understood the problem of the conversation above. Boxes are important for packaging but alone they cannot fulfill all the requirements and manners of packaging. Therefore, you definitely need paper shopping bags. These custom paper bags very much effective in providing convenience to the customers. They make it easier for them to carry objects from one place to another with ease and handiness. Further, there is a variety of paper bags with a variety of manufacturing fabric seen around you in the markets, malls, and outlets. Grab these wholesale paper boxes for your supermarkets or stores.

Hey! Stay with me and read the full blog to know the various benefits of having these bags.

Paper Bags

Let’s discuss types of Paper Bags

You must be aware of the different types of fabrics involved in the production of custom paper bags, if not then read below:

  • Paper Grocery Bags

All of you, I as well go for grocery shopping to different stores, supermarkets etc.  There we see the plain brown paper bags in which different products are placed for the customers for takeaway purposes. These paper grocery bags are available in the variety of sizes as the products are also not in the same shape and size. For instance, for the packaging of the items from vegetables to fresh bread and eggs to cereals to other domestic products, these paper shopping bags are efficient for use. Moreover, these flexible Paper Bags are well-built and strong, so that no item will tear these bags and fell on the floor. Moreover, it is not compulsory to have them in the plain brown shade; they can be given any color as per your demand.

  • Fabric Bags

As their name suggests, in the production of custom fabric bags several different fabrics are involved. For instance, cotton, nylon, polyester, Hemp and polypropylene and so on. All the above-mentioned fabrics have their own benefits.

  • For Cotton fabric bags organic or chemically treated cotton can be used. Moreover, recycled cotton can also do its magic by transforming into new grocery bags.
  • Hemp is also affordable fabric like cotton as an acre of hemp field can grow the tree to six tons of hemp with much less water. Therefore, they are reliable, sturdy, strengthened enough by close knitting that they don’t let anything fall.
  • Polythene made custom fabric bags are versatile in their construction. Further, they are water resistant and do not crinkle. The material and the printed stuff do not get damage on folding.
  • Nylon is also trustworthy fabric used in the manufacturing of the bags. This material provides strength and durability to them. However, they are non-biodegradable as their production involved petroleum.

Custom Paper Bags

  • Hard Cardboard bags

There is another type of paper bags that are frequently used around us. These bags are made from cardboard sheets. Remember cardboard provides strength, robustness, and flexibility to these paper shopping bags because of which they are folded easily. These custom paper bags can be seen in bakery shops, apparel and jewelry shops. Moreover, cosmetics and various other supermarkets and stores confirm their widespread usage. This huge demand also gives insurance of their durability and reliability. Further, cardboard made wholesale paper bags are affordable as the resource is easily available in the market.

Shipping Boxes

There is another variety other than paper bags in which cardboard is much famous for. This type is known as custom shipping boxes. These boxes are well-built and very much suitable for making deliveries of the consignment to short and long distances. Their sturdy nature is judged by making big, small and deliveries of even huge size products packed in them.  In addition to this, companies also make their use to deliver their wholesale consignment. For instance, wholes paper bags can easily have delivered to the required address without any damage to them. If you are a wholesale dealer, then these Custom Shipping Boxes are the best choice to opt for.

Printing and Advertisement assistance

Manufacturing material used for the production of paper bags are print friendly. Moreover, they are easily customizing into different shapes. To customize them through the printing company I have visited welcome the ideas and imagination of the customers. I also think that this is the best way to achieve good results. Further, you can also avail design assistance from the printing and graphics experts. Most printing is done in such a way that these paper shopping bags have attractive designs as well as promotional logos. For print customization there are CMYK and PMS pallets are the best choices to choose from.  To utilize these custom paper bags as advertising tool imprint them with the company’s important details such as name, logo, address contact details and web address if there is such facility. This will help the customers to stay in touch with you and consult you in the future. To cut short, this type of personalization helps you and your brand stand apart from others.

Paper grocery bags

Personalization as per Events

The best thing about custom paper bags is that they can be personalized as per events and occasions. Moreover, you can also have the customizations as per the category of individuals. Through this, gifts are placed in paper packaging bags effectively for the celebration and festivals like birthdays, Christmas and wedding favors. Furthermore, for the festivals like Halloween, the celebration of sweets and chocolates for children get a wide range of assorted paper bags with different printed patterns, shapes and sizes. For children, they can be printed in accordance with their favorite cartoon or superhero characters. Further, they are luxuriously designed to use as gift and favor packaging. For further embellishment, you can ask for other additions. For instance, organza ribbons to be their strings for carrying, baker’s etc.

Further Additions for embellishment

As these are custom paper bags, so big windowpanes are not requiring but the small cutouts with clear plastic panes, some glittering effect, stylish and decorative strings really enhance their beauty.  These embellishments really attract the customers.  Further, to place the gift and favors to take away in these paper shopping bags on different occasions or parties; customer will come to you again and again. These beautifully designed paper shopping bags will really bring a noticeable change in your sales revenue.

Paper Shopping Bags

Conclude the Look with Lamination

After doing all such effort with printing, and further additions in your paper bags, to preserve them for longer time lamination is mandatory. It is a process in which a thin layer of plastic is applied, which protects the custom paper bags from various physical and atmospheric changes. For instance, heat, moisture, dust, dirt etc. it also helps in protecting products placed inside them. You can choose any option from the list including gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ and so on. These glazings give a silky and polished effect to grocery paper bags as well that improves their finishing look. Furthermore, for custom shipping boxes same laminations are workable, which provides them tear resistance ability.

My preference for Paper Bags

Without any further delay, I would like to tell you where you can get these custom paper bags and shipping boxes. As per view of the market, there are many companies and franchises advertise for their paper shopping bags.  However, the one I got excellent results is Printcosmo. This company has experience for so many years in the field of custom packaging and printing field. Therefore, I would recommend you to get benefited from their experience. In addition to this, there is a list of significant features that urges you to contact them. Those features are:

Fill one Custom Quote

To get profited by this company just order one custom quote for Custom Fabric Bags and custom shipping boxes, you will yourself feel the difference. Herewith, the company’s representatives will tell you all the details about your potential orders for paper bags. Further, this facility of the custom quote is completely free.

Wholesale Paper Bags

Design Assistance and Sampling

This company has free design assistance for its customers with sampling as well. This facility I love the most. With this facility, you can easily contact them for their assistance in designing process on custom paper bags. They humbly welcome your ideas, tell you about the possibilities, range, and categories of printing with the applied cost.  Further, with the help of their skilled graphics engineers, you will beyond doubt get polished work. As I already told that they also provide samples before you place your final order of the consignment. Both these facilities are also free for their customers.

Best Shipment facility

Another reason for preferring Printcosmo is their shipping facility, which is provided free all around the world. Moreover, their delivery timing is commendable. They make deliveries of your consignment like paper bags and custom shipping boxes at your doorstep in the least possible time. In this fastest turnaround service, they take great care of the consignment.

If you want to know more about the company and things relative to their printing and packaging, then contact them on their given number or on their webpage.