Why these truffles are sold so expensively while there are people who sell them less expensively?

What makes them so special?

Is that the brand name or anything else?

These were the things I was wondering while passing by the truffle shop. And after pondering on my own thoughts, I get to know that it’s the effort they put and the attraction they have created through the truffle boxes packaging. Yes! It is right. You do get attracted by the way’s things are served to you. So, if your truffle boxes wholesale is well printed and well presented, you can get away with them in the market. But the printing from outside is not the redeeming factor. There are a lot more things that you have to look when you are selecting custom boxes for your product, especially when involving food products. In this blog, I’m going to tell you all those perks that you can achieve if you have any of the following packagings for your truffles.

Truffle boxes

Types of truffle packaging boxes:

Here five types of custom truffle boxes are being discussed by me that will help you in making the outlook presentable and attractive. They involve:

  1. Kraft truffle boxes:
  2. Sleeve truffle packaging boxes
  3. Printed Custom Truffle Boxes
  4. Rigid truffle boxes:
  5. Clear truffle boxes:
  6. Silver truffle boxes:

I will explain all these in this blog below but before getting to that point there is something that you need to know and that is characteristics that make these custom boxes worth useful and demanding in the market.

  • Since they are food and have to be eaten so you have to make sure that you package your product in the quality material that does not harm the quality of your product.
  • After food grade quality makes sure you get the best printing options that make your box look colorful.
  • Well tabs depend on the structure of boxes you are selecting but you have to make sure that these truffle boxes wholesale are sturdy enough to hold your product inside them
  • Though there is room for more than one truffle if you want single packaging of your boxes, you can have one printed as well.

Custom Truffle Boxes

Kraft truffle boxes:

To keep the things lightweight and different from the original cardboard custom truffle boxes, these Kraft truffle packaging boxes provides a different insight into it. You can get these truffles packaged in Kraft paper instead of getting them in any other packaging material. Lamination can be done in Spot UV or in any of your desired material. You can get them printed as well with accordance to the occasion. You can also make a die cut on the top so that not only impact improves but also make the clients have a sneak peek inside the boxes.

Kraft truffle boxes

Sleeve truffle packaging boxes:

You can get sleeve truffle packaging boxes for your truffles as these truffles are really lightweight and require a lot of care. You can get your Custom Chocolate Boxes made on the same pattern. The best thing about this is that you can induce a die cut that will help in making the outlook fascinating and if the die cut window is made to enhance the outlook it also helps your buyers to look at the insight of how these truffles look in quality and are, they fresh or not.

Printed Truffle Boxes

Custom printed truffle boxes:

With the custom printed truffle boxes, you can advertise your company brand and logo. Let me tell you this very interesting sales pitch. The more people you reach the more you develop your chances to come along with clients. Since people come and take different items from bakers and confectioners, you can keep your packaging special by making them perfect for your company. Not only print the logo on it rather print the contact information too. This will help in making your clients know, where to find you in the hour of need.

Truffle Boxes Wholesale

Rigid truffle boxes and silver color boxes:

As shown below, these rigid boxes are perfect to give grace to your truffle boxes. You can get them in different colors but at the same time, you can get them printed in shiny stuff like silver or gold. These chocolate boxes are perfect if you want to give them to someone for gifts. All you need is to tie a ribbon around these silver boxes and there you go. No printing and no extra embellishments are needed. This is the best way that is cost friendly and easy to carry out.

You can get these silver boxes from any custom printing and packaging company or you can also make them according to your requirement. What we call to do it yourself method.

Wholesale truffle boxes

Clear truffle boxes:

Here are these truffle packaging boxes that are transparent. Though you have to consult the packaging company prior that either they do printing or not. Otherwise, there is always an option for stickers. These clear truffle boxes actually contribute a lot to the outlook. It is completely up to you if you want these Custom Boxes to be completely transparent with the tray inside or you want them to manufacture with the half top transparent section.

Clear truffle boxes

To make your selection of the truffle boxes easier, I would like you to know the best printing and packaging company that has helped me in getting my truffle boxes done is Printcosmo. You can get them from various places, you can google them online or you can use help from different websites.