Mom look I think I should buy those chocolates for Sarah.

Ok dear but you can look for something else also.

No, she likes chocolate and looks! What an attractive range of chocolate boxes are available here.

Yummy chocolates packed beautiful custom chocolate boxes are definitely a great source of attraction for the customers. Just think about it chocolates with printed chocolate boxes is a solution for you to present it to anyone on any occasion as gift or favors.  When we hear the words chocolate the first thing, which clicks in the mind is the sweet delicacy with mouth-watering taste. This product has been a real source of happiness coming from within and people of all ages are attracted by it. Now a day, even the researches have proved that chocolate made products are very good for the health. Therefore, if you want your potential customer to come to your shop then focus on the outer appearance of the product a well.  For this, use premium quality custom box packaging, this will bring you a lot of benefit.

Chocolate Boxes

Why the packaging is important?

This sweet and delicious product is the best way to show your love and concern to your loved ones. Therefore, these need to be properly packed in chocolate boxes. These chocolate packaging boxes should be relative to the demand of the product; to leave a powerful impression on the customers, which will force them to buy your product. As I already told you that there no such event on which chocolate as a gift would be irrelevant rather it brings a cheerful smile on the face of the receiver. Therefore, for distributors and retailers, there is a massive range of wholesale chocolate boxes to help them improve their customer ship and sales. As chocolates are heart favorite, refused by none.  In custom box packaging, there are further some factors that a shop owner must remember which are like the size, customization and even personalization. All these features really work actively in highlighting your brand of chocolate among your competitors.

Role of Size in Packaging

As I am continuously telling you about the importance of packaging, assorted sizes of Custom Chocolate Boxes need to be focused. It is the size of chocolate boxes that actually enhance the impression of the sweets package in it. To give proper packaging to the different amount of chocolates, macaroon or other bakery chocolate delights you must have a huge assortment of chocolate packaging boxes at your bakery. To mention a few sizes which you can prefer are 18 × 13×3.5”, 2×7×7 cm, 1.6× 8.4×8 cm with lock tab. Moreover, there is the wide range of custom truffle boxes such as 5×10×10 cm and 6×3.5 ×2.5 cm Christmas tree shaped packaging boxes etc. To make it even easy for my readers, the assortment includes custom chocolate boxes for various amounts of chocolates like one dozen, two dozen, 15, 24, 28, 32 and more pieces of customized chocolates. You will see that the customized variety will do magic in your chocolate confectionery business.

Custom Chocolate Boxes

Benefits of Customization

The other important factor that should be focused on is customization with respect to the printing. For this customization, the wide range of custom chocolate boxes is used that appeal the clients to become your permanent customers. For these printed chocolate boxes different printing techniques are utilized by the manufacturers, with the help of which the printed stuff stays on these packaging boxes.  For instance, graphic and screen printing are the best and famous nowadays. Moreover, CMYK and PMS pallets are being utilized for color schemes; as RGB is now old enough and the former have much better results on custom box packaging.  Further, there is a massive variety of printing as per events or as per the demand of the customers.

Personalization as per Celebrations

Yes, these chocolate packaging boxes have the strong ability to get personalize easily. Since chocolate is a delicacy for all age groups, likewise customization is achievable on these chocolate boxes for all types of ages and events. Moreover, through the customizations particular category of individuals can be targeted easily. In this way, this sweet and alluring delight is preserved chocolate and custom truffle boxes effectively utilize in for the celebration and festivals like birthdays, Christmas and weddings favor.  This is just the magic of custom chocolate boxes that forces you to take cute little chunks of chocolate pieces on your special events. Furthermore, for the festivals like Halloween [the real celebration of sweets and chocolates for the cute little monsters], get custom truffle boxes with different printed patterns. For children, they can be modified in accordance with their favorite cartoon or superhero characters that would make your target audience happy and excited for these boxes. Further, they are luxuriously designed to use as favor or gift boxes. For this, you can ask for several other additions in these chocolate boxes. For instance, organza ribbons, baker’s twine, and various die cut designs, like petal or bow tie top etc.

Printed Chocolate boxes

Color scheme selection & Logo

Further, there is another way of utilizing these printed chocolate boxes is to make them your advertising medium. Just choose the printing technique and color pallet mentioned above that really works for you. Together with the printing various attractive designs personalize these chocolate boxes with the logo of the company following a clever selection of the color blend to give your Custom Box Packaging that set apart the appearance in the presence of the other brands. Moreover, details like company name, address, any web page address, and even barcodes can also be printed. These comprehensive details will let your customers remember you. Well while you select your logo consider following factors

  • It should be relevant to your product.
  • Should be brief enough that could be easy to remember.
  • You can make some spelling changes to make them eye-catching.
  • Visible on the background setting.
  • You can use the name of the brand instead of any logo.

What materials should be preferred and Why?

So we are here again to discuss an important feature for your chocolate boxes. This is actually the manufacturing through which you can achieve premium quality custom box packaging with all the above-mentioned printing facility. For this, cardboard sheets are the best way to opt for.  The structural features of cardboard made chocolate packaging boxes are ideal for packaging of such sweets. Together with this, Kraft paper material is also beneficial in its uses. Moreover, they have a lot of advantages associated with them such as:

  • These raw materials are quite easy to fabricate and modify.
  • They are quite inexpensive and affordable as compare to the other materials.
  • Custom chocolate boxes manufactured from these materials are quite convenient in handling.
  • As they are easy to design printed chocolate boxes becomes more presentable for the retail shops and brands.
  • Further, packaging boxes of these materials are easily recyclable and are eco- friendly as well

Chocolate Packaging Boxes

Fabrication of Cardboard into Diverse Designs

Well as I have already mentioned it is easier to mod and fold cardboard material; let me give you few illustrations of the chocolate boxes, which will definitely enhance the beauty of your retail shop such as:

  • Clear plastic boxes
  • round and oval shaped boxes
  • sleeve style boxes
  • gable style boxes
  • pyramid shape boxes
  • cake gift box with lids
  • closed boxes for cakes donuts
  • flip top window boxes
  • pastry slice shaped boxes
  • Drawer style boxes
  • clear top with cardboard base boxes
  • wedding favor cake boxes
  • windowed wide opening boxes
  • custom truffle boxes

These custom chocolate boxes are efficient for packaging, besides their wide opening helps to maintain the frostings and decoration over chocolate cakes and other chocolate products.

Potential of Resistance

Before you make any decision of placing your order to check that these wholesale chocolate boxes should fulfill the requirement of the quality check as per the packaging of the eatable. The company I prefer fulfills all such qualities. For instance, their custom box packaging is produced from food grade materials and are FDA approved. Moreover, these custom chocolate boxes have the capacity to resist atmospheric change like heat, moisture, and fungus that can harm the products’ freshness. In addition to this, these Custom Truffle Boxes are biodegradable and recyclable because of which they are not harmful to the atmosphere as well they have served their primary purpose.

Wholesale Chocolate Boxes

Additional Features that will add Further Sweetness to your Packaging

Well, the other features, which will further polish the outer appearance of chocolate packaging boxes, are the induction of windows and dividers. If you want to enhance the appealing factor, these additions will definitely prove themselves beneficial. Moreover, I would recommend even inducing handles in your custom chocolate boxes. So that your customers can easily carry them and you might don’t need the plastic and polythene bags as well. This will really help in attracting customers. Don’t forget top and front clear window induction have their own charm for the customers, which also help you to less printing on your chocolate packaging boxes. As chocolates inside are giving their alluring and yummy presentation. This also helps the customers to get the idea of the product inside. The induction of dividers will not let the yummy chunks of chocolates move in the boxes here and there but manage to grip them firmly at their place.

Further, to maintain the beauty of printed chocolate boxes lamination is applied to achieve the smooth and shiny surface. It is a kind of thin silky layer, which protects the custom box packaging from various harmful factors. For lamination, my trustworthy company provides various features to opt from, which are gloss, matt, spot UV, aqueous, semi-gloss AQ and so on.