Oh my god! What a pretty box it is Sarah.

Yes, dear and it is for you. Open it and see your surprise.

Oh wow! my favorite cookies. Thank you, Sarah, but I must say I have never seen such an exceptional cookie packaging box.

It’s the best Christmas greetings I must say.

Hello! to my readers. You must be able to feel the excitement of the anonymous women above after receiving her favorite item with the custom packaging boxes that she had never seen before. Like other things food also need to be packaged properly. Packaging can bring the real magic of the products packed inside them. Moreover, products like cookies and other confectioneries are the real treats to gift on several important events and festivals to your relatives. These are the real delights to show your love to the recipient. Further, these cookie boxes take your love and association with the recipient to another level. This is the one snack that can easily make everybody’s mouth full of water the minute; as if they hear someone calling its name aloud, and its crunchiness, the pleasant taste, and its aroma come together in baking oven, they can certainly make anyone crazy for them. From our mothers in our homes to some class of the high standard names in the food sector of industry, we all see cookies being baked and served everywhere. However, it is not that just about the taste of the snack itself, but how it is presented to us makes a whole lot of difference. And you know my answer, what is the open secret of presentation. Read the full blog and you will be able to know more about the open secret.

Cookie Boxes

Variety in Cookie Boxes Packaging

Innovation in Cookie boxes is as important for cookies as mind and heart for body. For this reason, cookie boxes suppliers are consistently working hard to provides its customers with various features in Custom Cookie Boxes; because of which several types of essential elements are introducing in these boxes. As per innovation, the categories of boxes are:

  • Boxes with Dividers

Cookie packaging boxes are induced with dividers. This induction of dividers is really helpful in placing and packing of the biscuits and cookies properly. It does not let cookies move randomly in the boxes, which also helps in maintaining the shape and topping of the cookies. Moreover, it is essential when you have to pack mix biscuits instead of single variety.

  • Cookie packaging with Windows

Windows a word well read and heard, has a very effective influence on custom packaging boxes. They are such type of cookie packaging boxes that help the customers to get a clear view of the product. With this, they can judge the freshness of the cookies inside. Moreover, for selling purpose they are the best attraction for sellers. In the presence of window cookie boxes, seller does not have to do extra effort to attract the attention of the customers towards their products.

Custom Cookie Boxes

  • Boxes with Clear Tops

There is another variety supplied by cookie boxes suppliers, which are boxes with clear tops. It is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned induction of windows. The difference comes when not the small part of the lid is given a clear plastic view. Instead, the top together with four side walls is also customized with clear plastic. Many a times, on several occasions, customers prefer this particular category of cookie packaging boxes. It is beneficial for sellers as such type of packaging requires less printed stuff for attraction.

  • Cookie Boxes with Handles

Like above, there is another induction in the custom cookie boxes that made them innovative for the customers. This is the introduction of none other than handles. These handles provide a great support to the cookie packaging boxes. As using custom biscuits boxes with handles does not let the customers have the need to use plastic or polythene bags. In this way, handles induced in these boxes help in two ways.

Elements of success in designing

Cookies are enjoyed by the people of all the ages, therefore; the designing of the custom cookie boxes is the real challenge like their customization of shape and size. These cookie packaging boxes should have striking color combination. As this is the only way to make a prominent and eye-catching impression in the market. In addition to this, these printed cookie boxes in a variety of colors and patterns will also set you apart in the market. Here are some of the famous events on which, customization is demanded.

Cookie Boxes Suppliers

  • Birthday Party

Birthdays are the most special day of someone’s life moreover; to make it even more special people do a lot of efforts. There are cookie boxes printed with balloons, party popper or with reference to the theme of the party are available.  In all the preparation, such type of printed cookie boxes leaves a mesmerizing effect on the guests. They also bring as their stylish design and shape allow them to be placed directly in front of the guests instead of using a special dish to serve the cookies or biscuits.

  • Christmas and Other Festivals

Other than birthdays, there are several important events and festivals that anyone has in its life on which presenting cookies, macaroons and other such items of bakery are essential. Therefore, Custom Biscuits Boxes as per events and theme customizations are available for all of us. You, me and all of us can take these events special by having these printed cookie boxes. For instance, festivals like Christmas, Easter, Halloween are the three main religious events according to which these delights are preferred as gifts. Thus, for yummy chocolate, lemon, vanilla flavored cookies, cookie packaging boxes are available with the printed patterns of Santa, Christmas tree, snowflakes, monstrous faces and so on. Moreover, character customization is another appealing tact to attract your cute little customers professionally and for giveaway purposes.

Cookie Packaging Boxes

Substantial role of Shapes and Sizes in Boxes.

Truthfully, shape and size are two major aspects that are extremely considered for packaging.  Do you expect to receive your products of various size and weight to be packed in single standard size of custom packaging boxes. I will never accept that sort of packaging. Moreover, if you’re an owner of large or even small-scale bakery business then it comes un your duty to have assorted size of custom packaging boxes for the variety your mouthwatering confections.  Let me give you an easy example. What type of impression would the customers get if they get cookies packed in a cake box instead of cookie boxes. It shows no attraction to your product but also creates a bad impression. On the other hand, if you have variety of boxes for instance of various shapes like tiny house, Fairy dress boxes with clear tops or boxes with butterfly trims; they will better help you in building up your impression as expressed in the above mentioned dialogue.

Honestly, innovation is the real recognition of a well reputed brand. As it is said, in business world a product is sold through eyes instead of the exchange of money, because if the appearance of the product is not appealing then it’s useless.

Cookie Packaging with Logo

We know very well that cookie boxes are extremely important for packaging purposes. However, you can take out other benefits out of them. Just print these cookie packaging boxes with the logo to make brand recognition through them. For this, print the boxes with the name of the brand or with logo also provide some information about it. For instance, your contact details, about other available franchises, barcode so on and so forth.  While printing these details, do consider the thing that these details should be printed in comprehensive language and way. While deciding your logo, do focus on the relevance of the product and the brand name or the shape and size of the emblem.

Printed Cookie Boxes

For Fine Appearance of Boxes

There is a thin layer applied on these cookie boxes to create a smooth and soft effect on them. This thin layer is known as lamination.  It is a procedure in which thin clear silk layer is applied to the cookie packaging boxes. This layer protects these boxes from various physical and atmospheric effects. For instance, heat that is harmful to the bakery edibles products also prevents from moisture, dust, dirt, to get inside the Custom Biscuits Boxes. Moreover, this layer did not let any bacteria to get stick outside as well. The options, which you can prefer for laminations includes gloss, aqueous, matte, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. These glazing give a silky and polished effect that further enhance the beauty and shelf life of the boxes.

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