Once or twice in our daily routine, we come up in need of boxes. To pack our food in. An ideal medium for that is lunch boxes. Regardless of whether the meal you are packing is for yourself or other people. They help in keeping your food hot and crisp for the duration of the day. While shielding it from germs and dust particles. if you are getting your cardboard lunch boxes from Print Cosmo, then you do not have to worry about exceeding the budget. Because we use recycled pressed cardboard and Kraft for the custom box printing.


Lunch boxes are perfect for a variety of day by day uses. For instance, while leaving for office, you can pack your homemade lunch in these boxes. But when you are a chef, these boxes become a necessity for your business. As you will need to deliver food, you will be requiring hard and strong Kraft Cardboard lunch boxes that won’t collapse during transportation. So, to help you figure out the box that you need. Following are some of the type of Lunch Boxes Online available at Print Cosmo:

Lunch Boxes

Stackable Lunch Boxes Stackable lunch boxes are usually used for transporting the food as well as for stockpiling purposes. Their building is very simple and casual. You can look over a couple of styles and tints to make your food snack boxes stand out.


corrugated lunch boxes Our corrugated cardboard lunch boxes have a four-board locking base and fold top. That makes them very strong and solid to be used during delivery. Without the worry that the box will crack. These can be used at Truffle boxes as well.


paperboard food packaging boxes The paperboard food packaging snack boxes manufactured at Print Cosmo is of premium quality. Yet super light on the pocket. These bundling boxes are another extraordinary choice for Chinese take-out boxes, with various options promptly accessible.


Bio Pak boxes Mostly Cafes and restaurants send out their food packed in Bio Pak lunch boxes as they are premium enough to represent the restaurants in good spirit.


Clamshell Paper Boxes Clamshell Paper Boxes are likewise another kind of takeout boxes but what makes them different than the other cardboard lunch boxes are the price. They are very cheap and easily accessible. Pizza boxes and Chinese take-out boxes are usually Clamshell boxes.




Cardboard and Kraft is the most liked material when it comes to lunch boxes and Chinese Takeout Boxes. It is because it provides more than one advantage. Being an ideal packaging medium, it also helps us in keeping the earth green because of its eco-friendly nature. Kraft is recyclable and can be used in a lot of other ways.

So, instead of throwing out your Kraft snack boxes, you can be inventive and use them around the house for storage. Our corrugated cardboard lunch boxes are one of the various ideal options for your brand. Available in plain Kraft or a printed structure, you can pick which would best oblige your business whether you’re requesting lunch boxes online, Chinese Takeout Boxes, macaron boxes or Handmade Boxes.


At Print Cosmo, you will discover Perfect food bundling snack boxes. For social gatherings, friendly get-togethers, or outside parties. if you plan on using them repeatedly then you can get a finishing done. To make them sturdy and waterproof. Available in a variety of styles, you moreover have the option to include a handle on your lunch boxes which will make them easy to carry. You can also order through any web-based printing press such as U-line.

Cardboard Lunch Boxes


If you are looking for any chocolate or truffle related snack boxes to pack in the heavenly sweet, Print Cosmo is your answer. We have two sorts of Truffle Boxes packaging accessible here at Print Cosmo. The first is Folding top boxes and the second is two-section rigid lunch boxes. You can choose from an array of colors, sizes, and fonts that are available here at our Printing Press to make your boxes beautiful and attractive.

When it comes to surpassing your competitors and getting to the top of the market, print Cosmo can help you out in this regard. Our economical truffle boxes online can be extraordinarily printed, making them stand out from the rest. Additionally, the two boxes mentioned above offer a couple of comparable qualities. Take a gander at the Chocolate Boxes on the online site to place your order while sitting at home, you can consult our customer support reps for any queries regarding custom box printing.


When we are not having proper meals, we are always snacking on one thing or another. hence, Snacks are the most bought on the go food. This fact calls for the development and mass production of snack boxes and Chinese take-out boxes. in order for this, you need to find a well-established printing press that will cater to all your needs. if you want, your custom snack boxes can be printed with your association logo, name, and other important details. Due to the top-notch quality, individuals won’t resist asking you about where you got your Custom Box Printing done from.