Yes! You should print your hair extension packaging boxes and how that can be done is what we are going to discuss in this blog. Printing is no doubt an important aspect that you need to look when doing business but there are a lot of other aspects that you have to look at. Here is a small list that you have to look when selecting the best hangable hair extension packaging.

  1. Look for the quality of cardboard.
  2. Make sure the cardboard used is ink friendly.
  3. Make the cut proper and try using 5 panel hanger boxes.
  4. Make sure you use hair extension boxes that are easily hangable and interlock into each other properly.
  5. After all these elements and making sure printing is on point, you have to make sure they are protected by lamination. Either gloss or matte one.

Your Custom Hangable Hair Extension packaging can be used in multiple ways; all you really need is creativity to make them resourceful in different way. Here are some of the things that will definitely help you in your management skills of cosmetics and will make your company reputation go long way.

Hangable Hair Extension

Wholesale hair extension boxes:

There are numerous companies out there who vend wholesale hair extension boxes. Though you usually get them along with hangable hair extensions in them if you are not the buyer you are at the end of supplying these hair extension packaging, you might have known the types of custom hangable hair extension boxes. Since we have both buyers and suppliers on this podium here are some of the types of hangable hair extension packaging that you should be aware of:

  • Custom hangable hair extensions:

Hangable hair extension boxes are available in different sizes and shapes in order to make your shelf more spacious. You can get them made in 5 panel hanger or as 5 panel hanger bottoms, depending on your requirement. After getting them made with proper die cut all you have to do is to hang it on the wall through the nail without clipping the hair extensions in these hair extension packaging and then hang it where ever you want. I have nailed a few in my cupboard so that whenever I need them, I would know where to find them.

Custom Hangable Hair Extension

  • Custom printed boxes:

Custom Printed Boxes, well, any hangable hair extension packaging can be printed but when we talk about printing hair extension boxes for company, we actually mean something that is printed for the benefit of company. This is the reason why this whole blog was written for you. So, yes! Get your hangable hair extension packaging printed with your company designs and logo. As I have explained at the beginning of the blog that we have both suppliers and buyers here so I think that it is quite clear why we need to print these custom boxes.

If looking at the end of supplier, we will notice that they want their customers to come back to them. So, for that purpose, they need to print their logo with complete contact information. If we consider the end of buyer, we should notice that the product is safe and attracts your clients at first. So, for that purpose color combinations and printing needs to be best.

Hangable Hair Extension Boxes

  • Wooden hangable hair extensions:

You might have seen a carved wooden case with the hook-on the opening side. Well, that is another type of hair extension box you might feel that it is heavy which it certainly is, but that provides protection to your hair extensions as well. I mentioned it here because you don’t only need to know the things that you have to look rather you must know the things that you have to avoid when looking for the best hair extension packaging boxes.

Custom Hangable Hair Extension Boxes

  • Die cut 5 panel hair extension boxes:

There is this another type of wholesale hair extension boxes and that is the most shared type of packaging we often use in our homes. That is the custom hangable hair extensions with properly die cut window to hang and to look inside.

Printed and hangable hair extension boxes help your company:

With the best-printed hair extension boxes, you can advertise your brand in a very effective way as that is something, I have told you earlier and I think is quite clear to you by now. But the best thing about printing is that you can customize them with your designs and you can print your logo in whatever way you want and make it look more striking and alluring as well. This is something that I have not told you before and you must know as you are going to get hair extension packaging boxes for your company:

Hangable Hair Extension Packaging


Printing also requires some of the basic details like knowing the type of material that is used in manufacturing, what type of matter is the best and how to use instructions. All you really need is clear and detail printing instructions. Apart from this, you have to insert the logo and contact details because that is the key to make more clients attracted towards you. You will have to make sure your contact details are mentioned so that people who are suppliers of wholesale hair extensions could get back to you with their queries.

Packaging boxes:

These hangable Hair Extension Packaging boxes are perfect way to organize your dressing items. If you are hair dresser or a makeup artist or a girl, you will agree to me with on the point that most of the time dressing tables are messed up. Well, that is because of not having enough space to put all those things in places. I have organized my table by putting all those pencils in one case and hanging the hair extensions.

wholesale hangable hair extension boxes

Where to find best-printed hair extension boxes:

Well, I have ordered my printed hair extension boxes from Printcosmo packaging and printing shop and I have to say that they were amazing in printing and offers so many varieties in colors and styles and printing. You can always look for diverse styles and can modify them according to your requirement as they offer free design option.