Guys! We have a new one eye animated monster to publicize in the market, what should we do?

Well, boss, we should focus on their toy packaging boxes to attract adorable little monsters.

Well, this is really true if you want your product to be noticed by every other person than its only requires a presentable custom packaging. Moreover, to create an attraction for the kids in toys is as easier as difficult, because they have a lot of mood swings. Nothing in this world is more alluring for a kid than to have the trip to a toy shop. Therefore, to let that trip successful that shops need to have a variety of toys packed in alluring and attractive toy boxes. These toys will take these cute into their world of imagination having all of their favorite toys packed in eye-catching custom toy boxes. Always remember that the target audience is blindly in love with them. Kids are not ready to share their love with anyone. Simultaneously, they believe in increasing their love bond by purchasing more and more toys. However, their love is a mess for the parents. Therefore, for parents, these are introduced as a solution. After spreading toys, when your kid is done playing with them. You can pack them up and display them on the shelf again using these boxes.

Toy Boxes

How custom packaging is prepared?

You must have heard about a process called die cutting. In this process, a thin flat sheet of different materials is given specific shape and size using machines or steel cutting plate. With this die cutting plate, the shapes and sizes are pressed to a specific pressure, which gives these toy boxes wholesale a distinctive shape. In this way, the complete sheet is designed with the same patterns of toy packaging boxes conveniently at once in much less time and effort. Moreover, proper divider inserts are created inside the toy boxes wholesale, which help in the proper placement of the toys with their parts. Therefore, use customized toy boxes to pack all the toys with perfection. Besides, protecting the toys these boxes helps in providing alluring displaying features. Attractively designed Custom Toy Boxes are the best way to present the gift to cute and sweet recipients, and just observe the excitement on their face.

Now let us see, which material is suitable to make toy boxes.

Useful Material for Toy Packaging

For the manufacturing of the custom toy boxes, there are different materials that have their own qualities and specification for different types of packaging and purposes. For instance, most opted materials are cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated material.  Here is the information is given about them.

Custom toy boxes

Cardboard Toy Boxes

Cardboard is the most favorable manufacturing material for wholesale toy boxes manufacturing. To create premium quality toy boxes cardboard sheets are flattening together to a specified pressure, which results into strong and sturdy toy packaging boxes. These flatten sheets of this material provides robustness that becomes the outer shield for the attractive toys. In addition to this, the outer layers of cardboard sheets are easily given a smooth surface.

Custom Kraft Toy Boxes

The other preferable manufacturing material for custom toy boxes is Kraft paper. The substantial specifications of this type reveal that it is both flexible and sturdy at the same time, which makes it suitable for delicate and at the same time heavy product like kid’s cars, tricycles, large doll houses, and scooters. Like cardboard, Kraft paper also has the ability to be molded and folded into different sizes and shape in custom toy boxes. Further, in both of them, insertions can be made easily.  Moreover, the induction of die cut windows is also possible in both of the production materials, which further enhance the value of toy packaging boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

There is another type that is usually called corrugated boxes to tell you the truth, this type of manufacturing material is used for heavy packaging. For instance, if you want to make buy the products in bulk like wholesale toy boxes, then they are packed in these packaging to ship to various short and long distances. The use of this particular material is an unspeakable assurance that the consignment of toy boxes wholesale will be safely delivered to the customers. It also protects the products from jerks, bumps and other physical damages. This material is the toughest one, opt this one for safe deliveries of your shipments.

Toy boxes wholesale

Enhance the perception of End User

Toy boxes are extremely helpful in generating a positive impression on retail buyers. Well-designed and aesthetically appealing customization will grab the attention of your cute little target audience, which will force their parents to buy your products. Hey retailers, I would suggest you avail these custom toy boxes embossed in various ways. For instance, they are shaped in various forms. They are available in

  • flip top lid style
  • hinged box with partial magnetic closure
  • rectangular cut for doll packaging with custom cut outs
  • drawer style for the small collection of dinky cars

These types of toy boxes actually help in enhancing the perceptional view of the customers about the quality of the products. If these type toy packaging boxes are available in your store, mall or outlet then I assure you that the customer will be definitely attracted towards you. Always remember businesses works on the idea that everything that glitters is gold, which means appearance have a significant role in boosting the sales revenue. Therefore, there is a need to work on Custom Packaging.

What you really need for Customization?

As already told above that to create attractive toy packaging boxes, attractive designs are required. For this, you need proper printing over them. Therefore, let me tell you how it is done. These custom toy boxes can be printed in various designs and color schemes as per the target audience.  For printing pattern, you can use your imagination and creative skills in a limitless way. Sometimes it is even easy to do printing over toy boxes as now a day; toys are actually the characters of the movies. Further, if you need, you can also have the graphics assistance from the printing experts and manufacturing engineers. These people are skilled in their field and well equipped as well. Their assistance will definitely improve your ideas. For printing on this custom packaging, the multiple options are included in the list. For instance, CMYK [Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key] and PMS [Pantone Matching System] color facilities. As per my suggestion, do choose the bright and shiny color scheme particularly for this target audience. As these cute monsters, just attack such type of colors. Cute little customers will look for toy packaging boxes with vibrant and funkiness in printing.

Toy Packaging Boxes

Customization a way of Promotion

As the above-mentioned manufacturing materials for toy boxes are print friendly and they can easily be printed. So why not take advantage of them. The best advantage is to do smart printing over them for promotional purposes. There are several ways to design custom toy boxes. Just observe the market and do changes as per your product’s requirement. Thus, for promotion just be smart and print the logo or name of your company on these wholesale toy boxes. This is the most faster, effective and efficient and faster interaction with the customers. These toy boxes provide you with a number of benefits in this way. You can also print the details of the company like address, web page contact, moreover; instructions of how to use the product, any warnings and so on for customers.

Custom Playing Card Boxes

There is another variety that is not really for kids but adults to play with. This is known as playing cards. If you need custom packaging for them then you are on the right page. As with toy packaging boxes (the company I prefer), Printcosmo provides with assorted Custom Playing Card Boxes. Their structure is made from materials as mentioned above to protect and preserve the cards for later use. All over the world, people use playing cards to spend their leisure time. moreover, if you are the owner of a cards retail shop then grab their assortment to gain the attention of your customers. It will be helpful in increasing sales. All the above purposes of personalization and advertisement aids can easily have achieved from these boxes.

Wholesale Toy Boxes

Uniqueness by Window:

There is another addition which really brings a real charm in toy packaging boxes, which is the induction of windows. If you want to enhance the appealing factor of your custom toy boxes, I would advise you to induce a window either on the top or on the front of your toy boxes. You have either of the choices but the front part is way more beneficial if you want to place the custom packaging on the in the shelves as it better sides to allure the kids. Moreover, with the window on the boxes, customers will easily get the idea of the product inside.

Lamination and Free Shipping

After all the above-mentioned efforts of printing, lamination is necessary to apply. It is a thin layer of plastic, which

  • brings glossy shine
  • give smooth surface
  • protects the printing stuff
  • increase the shelf life of the custom packaging
  • protect the toy boxes from atmospheric effects

There are various options provided for custom toy boxes. The list includes the options of spot UV, aqueous, gloss, matte, semi-aqueous gloss.