Boxes have definite place in our life whether this life is professional or personal. Don’t you think that they have really brought ease in our life? They help in packaging products for shipping purposes in bulk to pack the products in the retail shops. There are variety of boxes available with different colors, patterns. However, there is another variety named white boxes. These custom white boxes have their own grace that attracts the customers. As per business point of view, uniqueness in variety sets you apart in the market. The information shared in this blog will definitely help lots of you in understanding the importance and their usage in the different business sectors. Moreover, there are many companies offering their services. In the end, you can also make decision, which company can provide you with better services and why.

Points need to be Focused

If you want to have wholesale variety of white packaging boxes then there are some points, which, you need to focus. For instance, why do you require them?  Most importantly, what type of business you possess for which you need them?  What requirement of shape or size is? All these questions matter as these white storage boxes are used in many different field with different features. They are widely used in different industries such as shoe and apparel business, cosmetic and jewelry business, bakery and food business so on and so forth. All these fields have different requirement with respect to packaging. Moreover, investing in white boxes can be useful for gift packaging as white favor boxes.

White Boxes

Production Description

To give you factual information, these custom boxes are made from both cardboard and kraft material. For kraft boxes, kraft paper is used that is produced from the pine wood pulp. Moreover, corrugated layers can be added, which gives it strength and sturdiness. These features help white Custom Kraft Boxes to bear the pressure and increase the shelf life of the box as well as the products. On the other hand, according to the requirement, these Custom White Boxes are made from cardboard and paperboard as well. However, in this construction corrugated medium also add to increase their workability. The customers prefer both the stuff. As both of these types share, some qualities like both are print friendly, eco-friendly and can be recycled. Moreover, they are given proper assistance from the skilled engineers to produce them.


Personalization and innovation always play an important role in the business.  Though these white packaging boxes are white in color they can be personalized in various ways without damaging or destroying the white base. For instance, customized them with different patterns over that white base with contrast colors or you can imprint special message for your loved ones. In addition to this, these Custom White Boxes can simply have a bow tie of red green or any dark color to enhance its aesthetic look. These small but cute steps will help you in grabbing the attention of the customers. For customization over these cardboard and kraft white boxes, you can also have the assistance from the graphic designers. Tell them about your ideas and they really polish them to another level using their professional skills.

Custom White Boxes

Printing a Tool of Advertisement

Well if you want to have a promotion than these white packaging boxes can help in advertising your product. You must be thinking how? Engrave all your details such as product name, company name, contact number, web page address [if any] outlet address and a lot more according to your requirement. The use of best designing and artwork on these custom boxes as mentioned before can enhance the finishing look. Well if you have not done it up till now then do it. This can really help in raising your standard to a well-reputed firm in future. For this, avail an experienced company for printing with best printing options. Well, these days CMYK and PMS are quite in use for printing. If you are, still confuse than take assistance from the CMYK and Pantone color experts for color schemes. As right color scheme really affects your printed stuff over white boxes.

Importance of Lamination

After customization and printing, the white packaging boxes needs to be preserved. For preservation, laminations are crucial as well as vital. There is number of glazing options available in the market. For instance, gloss, matte, spot UV, semi-gloss, aqueous, semi aqueous matte, gloss and matte varnish. This lamination protects the boxes and products from dust, dirt, and other atmospheric changes. This will further help in increasing the shelf life of the product.

Kraft White Boxes

Variety used in various business departments

As told already Custom White Boxes are being used in many different fields. They really have such grace that attracts the customers. Here are some examples

White shoeboxes

Shoe boxes play a vital role in preserving the shoes. Many of the designer companies use these white packaging boxes with added corrugated medium to package their shoes. Furthermore, to make it rememberable they imprint their brand logo with their slogan of quality, in the center on the top of the box lids. This helps the customers to visit their stores or outlets easily in future.

Whit Favor Boxes

For gifts and favors, a variety of custom white boxes is being offered to the customers for various products. The list of these products includes cakes; cupcakes from bakeries, perfumes, and jewelry from cosmetic shops etc. These white boxes are molded into different shapes and sizes with respect to the products. They can be used for packaging the gift on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries even on religious occasions like Christmas and Easter.

Wholesale White Boxes

White Display Boxes

Display boxes are very interesting type that boosts your sales graph. It is the real source, which encourages the impulse purchasing in the customers. The benefit of using the display white boxes is that you can place multiple products of various brands in one place. It helps you when you have to show different brands of the same product to your customer. For instance, you can place all the nail colors in this plain white display box and customer will be able to choose from that assortment easily.

Food Packaging

White boxes are also famous in food industry. You must have seen white packaging boxes in bakeries restaurants, in different pizza points and so on. Paperboard made Custom Boxes are also seen in grocery shops for packaging of cereals, cookies, rice, pulses and so on. The difference in their packaging is the type of boxes. Some products have rigid style whereas other have foldable style of custom white boxes.

Uniqueness of Window:

Well, another trait that can increase the look of white boxes and can prove itself as icing on the cake is the induction of die cut window. If you want to enhance the appealing factor of your custom boxes, I would recommend you to induce a window either on the top or on the front of white packaging boxes. This really helps in attracting the customers. Moreover, with the window boxes, customers get the idea of the product inside. It helps customer get the idea if the products are fresh or not. Moreover, the boxes with windowpanes also plays the role as display boxes.

White Packaging Boxes

Preference of Company

There are many companies available, offering their services as custom printing and packaging. Before you choose any compare them and take decision. However, be careful in choosing the company and save yourself from being tricked.  As per my recommendation, Printcosmo is the best choice to make. They provide best wholesale custom boxes.  For the people who are about to start any kind of small or large-scale business or have already started their business I would love to recommend this company. You will definitely not regret as this company has experience of past so many years. This company highly focus on the quality of the custom white boxes. Moreover, Printcosmo has been really working hard to bring new and innovative ideas fulfilling all the quality checks. Every single piece is focused and checked strictly before delivering the consignment.

Other Impressive Services

There is number of other impressive services, which will provoke the urge of being in business relation with this company. The list is very long but to mention a few; Printcosmo provides free design assistance and services from their qualified and experienced designers. They provide you all the assistance and guidance, which you definitely needed. In addition to this, free sampling is another interesting service for them. You can also apply for free custom quote for White Packaging Boxes and the sales representative will provide all the information regarding your demands in the form. Furthermore, if you need, there are choices of add-ons, which includes gold and silver foiling. Even there are no charges for plates. The interesting service is that you do not have to wait for the consignment. This company will make delivery of the custom boxes in shortest possible time at your doorstep.

To conclude, if you like my suggestion then contact them on the given number or visit their site for new updates also for the innovative designs and variety in white packaging boxes. They are 24/7 available to answer your call or message.