What makes you look all way round for your shoe boxes?

Why are you investing so much time on getting shoe boxes when you can put them in any rack?

Well, you might have keenly observed all the possible reasons for looking into the custom shoe boxes. it can either be for your shoe manufacturing company or for your personal use. But what exactly you are looking for? A shoe box solely?

Definitely no! You are looking for the custom packaging that actually has quality, printing and less investment. And You are browsing to get all these things in one place. Well, Printcosmo is the right place for you then. Well, I am writing out this blog out of my own experience with them and here I have shared with you, some of the things that were in my mind before I have started looking for the shoe boxes. Here, in this blog, I have decided that I will tell you some of the most insiders that you must know before getting your shoe boxes wholesale from any of the company.

Shoe Boxes

  1. Cardboard shoe boxes or Corrugated shoe boxes?

Well, most people are not aware of the difference between cardboard and corrugated shoe boxes. Both are similar and different in the same way. If you going for the shipment of these shoe boxes, it is recommended to use corrugated boxes. But if you are using them for your personal use or for the sake of just putting your shoe boxes in, you might fulfill this purpose by simple Cardboard Shoe Boxes. Now, what makes difference.

Corrugated shoe boxes  Cardboard shoe boxes
They are more than 300 gsm and can hold little heavier product like your skate shoes and your sneakers. Cardboard shoe boxes are best for the lighter weight. Since they are light in weight more chances of being physical damage is there.
Corrugated shoe boxes wholesale is usually in one base color. You can get them printed but they are preferred to be plain These wholesale shoe boxes are manufactured and can be printed in different colors. They are fine when laminated with gloss and are usually laminated with it.
Corrugated boxes are usually laminated with matte lamination to secure printing. Gloss and matte both can be used for lamination.
They have three layers to protect your shoes when shipped. To give grip and strength to these cardboard boxes, layers can be pasted but that does not give funnel strength to face the jerks.

Cardboard shoe boxes

  1. Die cut shoe boxes:

Now you know what to choose and what to look for while looking at the quality of the shoe boxes wholesale. The next thing is cardboard boxes die cuts. Depending on the outlook of the shoe boxes these die cuts are being made. Usually, these are one piece and the lid is attached to them. These die cuts are made to make sure the tabs are foot lock and that actually gives strength. So, if you are looking at the custom shoe boxes for your company make sure you know the style you are going to follow for your security of shoes.

Well, considering the die cuts of shoe boxes. Sizes matter a lot in the selection of these shoe boxes wholesale.  You have to make sure that you get the right size box as per the size of your shoe. This is required because you don’t want your shoes to collide with the walls of your box. So, if the shoe size is small and your box is larger than required, you might get your shoe quality ruined.

Custom shoe boxes

  1. Printing on shoe boxes:

If you are ordering shoe boxes wholesale for your company, you will definitely need the printing on your shoes. Even if you want corrugated shoe boxes instead of cardboard boxes. If you have not made up your mind, you better need to get your artwork done. This is the best reason why I would prefer to get my Custom Packaging done by Printcosmo.

They give you the facility to design your artwork. I just have to tell them some of my rough ideas and they can do that for me with the complete color combinations. So, Printing is really necessary it makes you go for the advertisement and marketing prospects. You can get your shoe company to advertise through printing your company name and contact info on these boxes.  Shoe boxes wholesale

  1. Two-piece shoe boxes:

You can look for yourself the difference between a two-piece and one-piece shoe boxes. So, this is another aspect that you have to keep I mind while placing an order for your wholesale shoe boxes. Both boxes with the lid on the box or with the lid attached to the box contributes towards the style of your shoe boxes. You can get them in whatever style you want. Most preferably one lid custom packaging is best for your shoes. And this is because it is easy to assemble plus yes, it is even convenient for your customers as well.

Handmade sleeve boxes are also in the market that gives a very graceful look to your boxes and make sure your boxes quality is really good for securing your shoe box in it.

Wholesale Shoe Boxes

To Conclude:

Well, to conclude these qualities. Printcosmo provides the best package of all in one. They are quality supreme, printing pro and yes all at really reasonable prices. I have gained much information from my first experience with them so I would definitely recommend this to you or who so ever want to get your Custom Apparel Boxes or your any other custom packaging boxes done, do visit them and tell them your requirements.